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Get an overview and full curriculum for the UFO Model—a research-based intervention that has been providing hepatitis C education and prevention services with young adult injection drug users (IDU) in San Francisco, CA since 1997.


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We’ve got fact sheets, trainings, worksheets and Quick & Dirty videos with helpful hints and best practices for working with young adult IDU. Plus guidelines on adapting and implementing the UFO Model.



Here’s the place learn about other communities across the US who are implementing the UFO Model and ask questions. Hear stories from young adults and the folks who work with them.


Prove it

We’ve got the research to back it all up. Find out what’s happening in the world of research, and study some journal articles that are actually interesting (really!).


Who We Are

The UFO Model was developed based on our work with young adult IDU in San Francisco, CA since 1997. We are based at the University of California, San Francisco. This project funded by cooperative agreement No. PS08-86204 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Young adult stories

I wish I knew about the gravity of how drugs affect you. There needs to be awareness for people before they start using. I didn’t know I could get addicted to Oxy. After only two or three times I started getting sick if I didn’t use. I didn’t know how strung out I’d get and how I’d feel. Like, I’m sick as fuck today—I haven’t used yet. If someone had told me, I never would have started shooting."